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Effective communication skills;
– Knowing yourself
– Self-disclosure and expressing yourself correctly
– Listening to the other person effectively and interested – Being able to empathize ( putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes) – Being tolerant and non-prejudiced,
– Being open to criticism,
– Body language, eye contact, addressing, voice level etc. be able to set up

contact us
With this awareness, we have created our values that we rely on while meeting your demands, expectations and problems. Our Values Tell Us.

What are Communication Techniques?
Although it is a correct approach to examine communication types in two groups as verbal and non-verbal communication, it is one of the biggest mistakes in communication to think that communication consists of only verbal expressions or body language.

Communication techniques meet the concepts that prioritize interaction in a broader perspective, including non-verbal communications as well as verbal communications. For this reason, the techniques we use in communication are not only verbal expressions, but also correct communication techniques that make it easier for us to interact, as we can best convey our feelings and thoughts.

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  1. B Sarkar

    I am a self renowned astrologer. I have a wonder prediction about Rekha after going through her birhday and birthplace.

    As on the front, the year began on a satisfactory note with lot of beneficial opportunities. However, there was some phases when she faced some expenses about social commitments. As the year progressed, she received good opportunities for growth in fortune and gain in wealth. As the year progresses post-mid-november 2021, she will try to take her status to a new height with a decisive plan and new thinking pattern.

    Several commitments, though important, would cause tremendous stress; I predict first ever woman heart attack. My prediction , based on saturn aspect with ketu and rahu along with mars unique position, set 25 december 2021 for the heart attack.

    This could be remedied with Yellow-saphire-I-3.25 while chanting Budha Yantra and doing Lakshmi puja

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