Deepika Padukone flaunts new jewellery line and more

Deepika Padukone @ IVA collection

Deepika Padukone flaunts new jewellery line and more

Standing tall and looking amazingly hot was actress Deepika Padukone at the launch of the IVA collection of jewelry by Tanishq in Mumbai, yesterday. Tanishq has tied-up with TIPS Industries Limited, the producers of Race-2, wherein leading actresses Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandez and Ameesha Patel will be seen donning the IVA collection in the movie.

Deepika Padukone promoted a jewellery brand while Adnan Sami launched his new album. Celebrities took part in Mumbai Marathon.

Deepika Padukone is known for her understanding of contemporary fashion trends.

She will soon be seen in Abbas-Mustan’s ‘Race 2’ where she is playing a glamorous role.

Recently, she has emerged as a capable actor in films such as ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Aarakshan’.

Tanishq is a jewellery brand of India. It is a division of Titan Company, a company promoted by the Tata Group in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). Tanishq’s headquarters is at Bengaluru in Karnataka.

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Tanishq is a brand of jewellery retail stores in India. The brand is the property of Titan Company, which is back by Tata Group and TIDCO.

The name Tanishq was chosen by Titan’s first managing director Xerxes Desai. The name was formed by combining the first two letters from Tata and निष्क “NIṢKA” (meaning gold coin or necklace in Sanskrit), although the क k has been modified into a क़ q. According to another sources, the name is formed with the two words Tan (body) and Nishk (gold ornament) in the Sanskrit language, a name synonymous to superior craftsmen or absolute design. In October 2020, Tanishq was at the centre of a controversial commercial that sparked backlash on social media over the depiction of Hindu and Muslim community in matrimonial setting. After heavy negative reactions on social media, the company withdrew the ad. NDTV reported that there was mob attack at Tanishq showroom in Kutch district however, it was rejected as false claim by Gujarat police. In a press release the company expressed they had withdraw the ad as it hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community and safety concerns of their employees and stake holders. Another controversy was filed on 9th Nov when the company stopped its ad of celebrating Diwali without crackers.

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