Deepika Padukone needs help from Shahrukh Khan!

By admin • News & Feautures • 25 Jan 2013

Zee Cine Awards 2013: Deepika Padukone needs help from Shahrukh Khan!
4.00 PM IST 12.25.2012

The leggy babe maintains that she needs training from Shahrukh Khan to anchor the awards show
At the press conference of the upcoming Zee Cine Awards 2013, Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan kept journalists entertained with their smart talk. The lead pair of Rohit Shetty’s forthcoming venture Chennai Express – Dippy and SRK – looked absolutely delightful at this exclusive do.

Deepika Padukone needs help from Shahrukh Khan!

Shahrukh was in his usual element with his sharp wit and tongue-in-cheek humour. Dips on the hand, looked gorgeous, as always, and tried her best to match SRK’s humour. So would the Cocktail star like to host the award ceremony? A curious journo asked and Deepika answered in her trademark dimpled smile, “I’m not very good at it but maybe if Shahrukh gives me some training, I could do it. Actually, I don’t like hosting shows that much…but I don’t mind performing.”

Now we can’t help but agree more with the babe. We love Dips, don’t get us wrong. She certainly sets our pulse racing with her physical magnetism, but can she handle an entire show the way SRK does. We don’t think so! Well, as far as a performing at the awards show is concerned, we don’t mind whistling and clapping for Dippy’s fine legs. But anchoring is a different ball game altogether and its better if the job is left in the secure hands of the master (read SRK) alone!

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