Deepika Padukone gets candid about Ranbir, Anushka, Salman & SRK

Deepika Padukone in red wedding dress

Deepika Padukone gets candid about Ranbir, Anushka, Salman & SRK
In an interview to Hindustan Times, Deepika poured out her heart regarding matters really close to her. The actress who is gearing up for her next big release, Race 2, explains about her hunger for good work. She says, “I’m glad my efforts have been appreciated so far but I have a hunger, and it’s not necessarily for success. I want good work.”

On wanting to work with Salman Khan: “Show me one person who doesn’t want to work with Salman Khan! And now, let me tell you, I may have debuted with Shah Rukh Khan, but Salman was the first person to offer me a film. He spotted me way before Om Shanti Om, when I did my first Liril and Close Up ads. I had just hit the modelling circuit then. So the proposal is pending. I want to work in a romantic film with him, a nice love story. I have always shown my fondness for him. He comes across as a very romantic person and that will reflect on screen.”

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On her first love Ranbir Kapoor: “That’s something (Getting back together) I haven’t given thought to. Yes, we care a lot about each other. I am there for him and he is there for me. I know he cares a lot about me. Sometimes you do not have to be in a relationship and I think that’s more special. We value each other and respect each other.

He was the first serious relationship I ever had. In life there are certain people who influence you in a big way and he was definitely one of them. Only good things have come out of that relationship and the break-up. That’s why we have so much respect for each other, because today we may not be a couple, but I know that I have also influenced his life in some way. The relationship taught me lot. That’s why I feel, even though we are not together, the bond between us will never be broken. We may not talk every day but we are constantly in touch as we are doing a film together.”

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On the misunderstandings with Anushka Sharma: “I’ve known her since the time we were modelling in Bengaluru. The last time I met her was at a party organized by Ayan (Mukerji). She also came home when I had a small house-warming party. Even after that, I have socialized with her. If the equation has changed somewhere, I am not aware of it. I am a straightforward person, and if I have a problem with anyone, even if I’m not at fault, I will go up and apologize. I don’t like uncomfortable and awkward situations. I can’t live with bottled up feelings.”

On the rumour that Siddharth Mallya gifter her, her new flat: “I don’t need to clarify this. Because it’s so disrespectful for someone who’s been working so hard. I know where these reports have come from and I choose not to talk about it. It’s a bit silly. When the man himself is living with his father, where would he have the money to buy me a house?

But the point is not that. It’s disregarding someone’s hard work. I know I can come home and sleep peacefully and that my parents can walk into the house with pride, knowing that it’s the result of their daughter’s hard work and effort.”

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On the rumours surrounding her and Ranveer Singh: “Going out with someone for coffee or dinner is a normal thing amongst youngsters. I don’t understand why such a fuss is being made about it. If I want to go out on a hundred dinner and coffee dates, I will go and no one has the right to question it. I am going about my life as a normal 26-year-old.”

On her relationship with co-stars: “Today I have a different equation and support system in them which I didn’t see and utilise then. Today I can pick up the phone and call Karan (Johar), Ayan (Mukerji), SRK, Farah, Imtiaz (Ali) and Ranbir (Kapoor), and they will be there for me because they have known me a long time.”


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